Daniel Arnold (randmconstructs) wrote in prayerforindia,
Daniel Arnold

Requests and Praise


1. For a family I saw at Meijers. It was like a mom and five children. She was rather overwhelmed and one of the children was telling her how he hated her. She said, "That is fine," but I could tell it really pinched a nerve. Pray that God gives her strength, hope, and is present in her family.

2. For my mental diagnosis-- Bipolar. God has been instrumental in bringing peace to my heart and rescuing me from the clutches of satan as I was bound for years spiritually through Manic-Depression. Now, it's lessening, God is speaking volumes into my life, and I've reduced my drug intake considerably, but I'm asking you to pray for my full recovery. By the Name of Jesus.


Praise the Lord that there was this series on MTV today called, "The Life and Times of...." It featured today the rapper, Kayne West, and he got up there and boldly proclaimed the name of Jesus and sang a song to his mom about how great she is! It was so unexpected to see a bright light on MTV. I want to buy his album because he took his fame and spoke as clear as a sermon on MTV where millions could view him speaking on a Saturday!
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