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Importance of Letter Om


Importance of Letter Om

The Letter Om - Meaning and Mystery

The letter Om or the word Omkar is most sacred to Hindus. It is believed to have cosmic origin, it being the first sound of cosmic creation.

It is believed that the cosmic creation was due to a huge explosion or sphota. The sound that boomed out of this explosion was the Om itself. The whole universe is created out of vibrations emanating from Om. This original sound is subtler that the sounds the human ears can hear, and is aid to generate thought waves.  The thoughts born of Om help to understand mind and ultimately God. Hence this word is equated to Sabdabrahma or Nadabrahma or the God himself!

Ancient Greeks also believed that their gods had eternal word or logos. In Christianity as well, the word is associated with God. "Word was God (St. John 1:1-14). Later, the word came to be identified with Jesus Christ.

Swami Vivekananda, a great Hindu philosopher felt that when properly pronounced, Om represented the whole phenomenon of sound production, was the fittest symbol of original creation (sphota). Om to him, was symbolic of divinity.

In modern terms, Om could be interpreted as the logo of cosmic creation or manifestation of divine wisdom.

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